Guide for Environment PBR Texture Creation using Photogrammetry - R&D by Grzegorz Baran

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'Guide for environment PBR texture creation using photogrammetry' - v.037

This document is a result of over two years of my photogrammetry research. Has 196 pages and is stored in PDF format.

Covers all key information I thought might be useful when building photogrammetry based PBR textures.

It wasn't my intention to create a simple step by step tutorial but a useful guide into surface scanning.

I wanted to scratch my photogrammetry experience together and create something, that would help to save somebody's time, learn on mistakes I made and best practices I found.

I covered entire process in details from surface capture towards baking, seam removal, tweaking to getting final, useful, tileable in all directions high quality PBR material.

Key software I use: Agisoft Photoscan, ZBrush, Substance Designer and Substance Painter with optional PhotoLab, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Any feedback or suggestions would be very appreciated. If you found any topic not clear enough, want me to add more live examples, cover baking with XNormal etc, feel free to contact me. 

As document can be updated in a future when new content is added I have added version number after the title.

ArtStation preview of that tutorial can be found at:

You can also find more scans I did during research on my ArtStation profile in 'Materials' section:

Many thanks to everyone who bought it for your support, I hope you will find it useful.

Besides PDF guide, there is also ZIP file attached. It contains: - Substance Designer graph I use to tweak materials with 4 input maps (albedo, normal, bent normal, ambient occlusion)

- another Substance Designer graph I use to tweak materials but with 5 input maps instead (albedo, normal, bent normal, ambient occlusion, height)

seam_removal_plane_uv1to1.fbx  - simple plane with 1:1 uv I use in Substance Painter to tile textures.

- upgraded 'seam removal plane' with additional 20% of tileable space, uv-mapped to be used in Substance Painter
photogrammetry_puzzle.spexp - export preset I use to export textures from Substance Painter

---------- IMPORTANT ----------
This guide was released in 2017. It was updated 37 times since this point but since updates started to break guide consistency and introduce information mess I decided to stop updating it. So currently I share all my new research for free through my youtube channel
and I treat this guide as an initial introduction to the subject.
To bring the book consistency and share all that new knowledge I decided to totally rewrite this book and release it when its ready ,.. probably in 2023. So please stay tuned :)

Thank you,
Grzegorz Baran

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Guide for Environment PBR Texture Creation using Photogrammetry - R&D by Grzegorz Baran

19 ratings
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